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About Us

How We’re Different

The Cyber Risk Collaborative is helping to drive change in the cyber insurance market. We are hand-selecting security-forward companies to participate in our innovative approach to cyber insurance. By building communities of interest and sharing information across the members of those communities, we can create better informed companies whose collective risk is significantly lower than other businesses. This means more efficient operations, better return on proactive cyber investments, and enhanced resiliency in the event of a cyber incident.

Our Team

The Cyber Risk Collaborative was founded by a team of highly experienced experts with extensive experience across multiple domains including:

  • Captive insurance company creation and management
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Insurance policy analysis and claim management
  • Cybersecurity and IT implementation
  • Legal and regulatory analysis
  • Incident response

To learn more about our co-founders, click on their photo.

Todd Welch


Mark Siwik


Jim Goepel


Michael Yates


Patrick McNally


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